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SonarLint for Visual Studio 2.0 Released

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of SonarLint for Visual Studio version 2.0.

Before the 2.0 version, SonarLint for Visual Studio was “just” a Roslyn analyzer detecting real bugs and code smells on-the-fly. While this was/is valuable for individual C# and VB.NET developers, the .NET development teams who had already embraced the SonarQube platform found it frustrating to see different issues raised in Visual Studio by SonarLint than in the platform. In other words, they found it frustrating to not have a connected mode allowing automatic configuration of a Visual Studio solution based on a remote SonarQube project’s configuration.

With this version you can now establish a connection to a SonarQube server and bind your Visual Studio solution to a SonarQube project. This operation automatically updates the rulesets of the solution and attaches the solution to the required Roslyn analyzers. This connected mode requires the SonarQube C# plugin 5.0+ on the SonarQube server.


team-explorer      connect



The bridge between SonarLint and SonarQube is finally in place with this “connected mode” and Visual Studio is the first IDE to benefit from this feature. Eclipse and IntelliJ should follow very quickly.

The 2.0 version is the output of a tight collaboration between Microsoft and SonarSource. The SonarSource team would like to offer warm thanks to the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM team in Cambridge.

For more information, see the release notes or visit the dedicated SonarLint for Visual Studio site. If you have any feedback, feel free to join the SonarLint Google Group.

Have fun with SonarLint!