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SonarQube 5.4 Released

SonarSource is very pleased to announce the release of SonarQube 5.4!
The main features and noteworthy of this 5.4 version are:
  • New “Code” page to quickly list and search for files inside your project
  • New “My Account” space which gathers everything that matters to you:
    • Your favorite components, issue filters and measure filters
    • Useful links to your issues
    • Customisation of your notifications
    • Management of your security settings, including the new ability to generate your own tokens
  • Support for OAuth2 identity providers is available through a new API
  • The “Execute Analysis” permission can now be granted at project level only
    • This allows users to run analysis and upload reports on their own project but not on other projects
  • When installing/updating/removing plugins in the Update Center, it is now possible to restart SonarQube with a single click on that page
  • Cross-module duplication in a multi-module project is back
  • SonarQube now embeds by default the JavaScript and C# plugins on top of the Java one
And obviously as usual, this version comes with lots of bug fixes and other small improvements.

Please read the releases notes and the upgrade notes very carefully.
Download is available at