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SonarLint for IntelliJ 1.1 Released

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of SonarLint for IntelliJ version 1.1.

This new version provides more precise issue locations. On previous version, when an issue was found on a line, the whole line was underlined, making it difficult to really spot where the problem was coming from. It was even more complex when several issues were found on the same line. With this new version, issues are more precisely located like what can be seen on the following screenshot:



Note that this feature fully depends on improvements done in the Java, PHP and JavaScript plugins which will incrementally roll updates to support precise issue location on more and more rules.

This version also changes the way to trigger analyses. In version 1.0, analysis was done while saving the file (hitting “Ctrl+S”), but this behaviour got broken in IntelliJ 15. Now, SonarLint has a dedicated key binding: “Ctrl+Shift+S”. To not forget running analyses regularly, you can add it to the list of actions you might already be regularly executing using IntelliJ Macros. You can also execute an analysis by hitting the “play” button on the “SonarLint Analysis” window.


Next versions will try to improve the triggering of analyses in order to fit more in the “IntelliJ-way” of doing things.

For more information, have a look to the release note or visit the dedicated SonarLint for IntelliJ web site.

Have fun with SonarLint !