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SonarQube 5.2 Released

The SonarQube Team is very thrilled to announce the release of SonarQube 5.2.
Here is a summary of the main features and noteworthy – please read the release notes to have a complete listing:
  • Scanners (SQ Runner, Maven, Gradle, Ant, MSBuild Runner, Jenkins, …) don’t have access to the database anymore. This feature is the biggest change and it has several consequences:
    • This improves performance, security and reliability of the scanners
    • A big part of what scanners used to do has been moved to server-side and is now processed asynchronously.
    • Another important consequence: SonarQube plugins that currently do some kind of data manipulation during the analysis will probably have to be rewritten.
  • Because more processing is done on server-side, more information is available to monitor and understand what’s going on in SonarQube
    • Server logs are accessible from the “System” page, and it’s possible to dynamically change the log level to help debug some issues
    • The former “Analysis Reports” page has been renamed “Background Tasks” and redesigned to offer far more features
      • Report processing logs are also available from the web application
      • The page is available at project administration level too
  • More features are available to better manage issues
    • Support for more precise issue location and multiple location (this requires language plugins to provide the information)
    • The Issues page can be displayed either in “issue count” or in “technical debt amount”
    • New “My New Issues” notification that tells what’s relevant to you only
    • Possibility to define the default assignee on a project – for every new issue that SonarQube could not automatically assign based on the SCM information
    • Issue filters can now be displayed in a generic widget that shows the distribution of issue on a specific axis
  • The Quality Profile page and most global administration pages have been rewritten
    • UI/UX is more consistent
    • This also means that web services for those domains are available - for instance to manage users, groups, permissions, …etc.
  • Some features were dropped – the main ones being:
    • All design related features: please read SONAR-6553 to understand why.
    • Cross-module/project duplication: this one could actually not be rewritten in this 5.2 version, but for sure it will be reintroduced in next release.
  • And obviously, there are plenty of bug fixes, improvements and other smaller new features not listed here.
Please read the releases notes and most importantly the upgrade notes very carefully.
Download is available at