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MSBuild SonarQube Runner 1.0.1 Released along with C# plugin 4.2

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of MSBuild SonarQube Runner 1.0.1 along with C# plugin 4.2.

Based on your feedback sent during the past two months since the release 1.0, the goal of this version was mainly to fix all reported bugs and limitations. Have a look to this post by Jean-Marc Prieur on the Microsoft Application Lifecyle Management blog for a full description of this release.

At the same time, a new 4.2 version of the C# plugin has been released. As you may now, this C# plugin embeds and mainly relies on SonarLint For Visual Studio. This 4.2 version embeds the latest 1.2 version of SonarLint to get the same issues (user experience) when working in Visual Studio or when browsing the SonarQube UI.

Documentation is available on the product page or . Please read the release notes for more information about the content of this release.