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MSBuild SonarQube Runner 1.0 Released along with C# plugin 4.1 and VB.Net plugin 2.4

The SonarQube Team is very pleased to announce the release of MSBuild SonarQube Runner 1.0, C# plugin 4.1 and VB.Net plugin 2.4.

With this version 1.0, the MSBuild SonarQube Runner is becoming the official and only way to analyse any C# or VB.Net source files contained in Visual Studio solutions. This MSBuild SonarQube Runner provides both

  • The ability to extend any existing TFS 2013 build by adding some SonarQube analysis steps
  • The ability to manually analyze any Visual Studio Solution or MSBuild project.

Documentation is available on the product page. Please read the release notes for more information about the content of this release. For users of the previous version 0.9, here is the upgrade guide.

As announced in April, this product is the output of a close collaboration between SonarSource and Microsoft to make the SonarQube products as seamlessly integrated as possible into the TFS environment. This 1.0 release of MSBuild SonarQube Runner 1.0 is a good opportunity to warmly thanks again Jean-Marc Prieur, Duncan Pocklington and Bogdan Gavril from Microsoft.