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SonarQube C# 4.0 and MS Build Runner 0.9 released

The SonarQube Team is pleased to announce the release of the C# plugin 4.0 and MS Build Runner 0.9.

To maximise the user experience for .Net development teams, SonarSource and Microsoft have joined their effort to provide a seamless integration with TFS 2013. The output of this collaboration is a new “SonarQube MSBuild Runner” tool which should be installed on TFS build agents and which requires SonarQube C# 4.0 plugin. Moreover the Microsoft ALM Rangers have produced a complete end-to-end documentation for .Net teams explaining how to install the SonarQube server, the SonarQube C# plugin and the SonarQube MSBuild Runner:

Documentation for other .Net users not using TFS 2013 is available on the product page.