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SonarQube 4.4 Released

The SonarQube Team is pleased to announce the release of SonarQube 4.4This new version brings the following features:

  • brand new “Rules” page that allows to:
    • search and discover rules without having to go through a quality profile
    • activate/deactivate/update rules on quality profiles
    • manage rule templates and the custom rules created from those templates
    • see existing manual rules
  • A complete rewrite of the Component Viewer that is used in the Drilldown pages or in the Issues search page, along with the new concept of “Workspace” that keeps track of recent navigation between sources (when coming from duplication or coverage per test features)
  • new Web Service API page that automatically generates the documentation for every available web service
  • More support for multi-language projects
    • New criterion on the Issues page
    • Distribution of lines of code per language on the “Size” widget
  • An enhanced Quality Gate widget
Please, read the release notes and the upgrade notes for more information.
Download is available at