Continuous Inspection

PL/SQL 1.11 released

The PL/SQL product is a commercial extension of the Sonar platform, which analyzes applications based on the Oracle PL/SQL technology and displays quality data in dashboards.

This new version provides improvements and a new feature :

  • Parser improvements :
    Support of REMAINDER, REM, subqueries, LIKE2, LIKE4, etc.
    A complete list of these improvements is available in the release note 
  • New rules for code quality assessment :
    SonarSource has developed a rule engine, that makes easier the creation and integration of new PL/SQL rules. In this version, 4 new rules have been added in PL/SQL 1.11 :
    - Procedure/function complexity check
    - Procedure/function naming conventions
    - Avoid using GOTO statement
    - Use WHEN OTHERS in exception handling

Trial version and documentation are available in the product page.
The features of PL/SQL 1.11 are demonstrated in Nemo.