Continuous Inspection

Cobol plugin 1.4 released

80 issues have been fixed in the new version. This includes improvements, bug fixes and also great new features : addition of an execution flow to Cobol AST visitors, improve Enterprise Cobol / Microfocus / AcuCobol / CICS / Cobol 400 / DB2 SQL grammars, provide a preprocessor extension point, provide a unit tests framework for custom rules and 7 new rules :

  • Do not use the GO TO verb to transfer control to a point which is outside the current section
  • Avoid use of SQL statements
  • Data item must be initialized with correct default value
  • A PERFORM statement must not cause itself to be executed
  • The second paragraph of a PERFORM statement must only contain an EXIT statement
  • In a PERFORM from para1 to a para2, para2 must always be defined after para1
  • PERFORM THRU must be made between paragraphs sharing a naming convention

More information available in the plugin page.