Continuous Inspection

Sonar Cobol Plugin beta released

We are very happy to announce the release of the Sonar Cobol Plugin version 0.4. As usual, the plugin is available for download and can be evaluated by simply asking us for a trial key.

We have developed our own state of the art Cobol parser and packaged it as a Sonar Plugin. It allows to perform objective and automated Cobol code reviews against pre-defined or homemade coding best practices. This plugin benefits from the power of the Open Source Sonar platform by reusing all available core services : Violations drilldown, Hotspots, Code viewer with syntax highlighting, TimeMachine, Clouds, Coding rule profile management, etc. This plugin can also be used along with our Views plugin to aggregate COBOL projects and easily manage a portfolio with millions lines of code.

As the Sonar Cobol Plugin requires Sonar 2.1 to run, it can only be used for evaluation purpose for the moment. The final version will be released when Sonar 2.1 GA is out.